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Find out how you can surf the celestial heavens with more awareness by having a reading today.


Natal Reading

An In-depth look at your personal chart for the moment you were born. This will include aspects to your natal chart for the year ahead.


Reading For Year Ahead Only

If you already had your natal chart done and are looking for guidance in the year ahead, this is the report you need.


Computer Generated Natal Report

This program will give you a brief introduction to your chart, but cannot give an in-depth reading that a personal astrologer can give. This is an inexpensive alternative for a quick dive into the celestial surf.


Relationship Reading

Find out how you mesh with your partner, friend, child, or co-worker by
looking at both of your astrology charts.


Specific Question

If you have already had your natal chart done and only have a specific question on an issue concerning you.

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